Cozy Surround Room

Westlake, Texas (Vaquero Subdivision)


This surround room in the Vaquero community in Westlake was built with young teens in mind.  The homeowners wanted a gathering place for their children to entertain their friends. 

This was a perfect collaboration between our clients, their designer, and UltraMedia.  With a clear understanding of the end goal, we added just enough technology to make this space the chosen place for the kids to hang out on weekends.

This theater lounge was acoustically treated to create an ideal balance of function and visual appeal.  The wavy walls add a distinct touch of contemporary design, while providing perfect sound diffusion.  The Wolf Cinema video projector displays a brilliant image onto a Screen Innovations Black Diamond screen.  The Triad 7.1 in-wall speaker system delivers excellent sound detail and visceral "oomph."  A custom-programmed RTI remote allows the system to be easily operated.

Because our clients have two active teenagers and love to entertain, they asked us to add a second surround room down the hall.  This provides an additional viewing area when both of the children invite friends over on the weekend.  It's also a great get-away when the kids are watching an epic movie in the larger surround room.


Just off of the cozy den surround room, there's a disco for late-night fun!