Surround System in Artful Home

Dallas, Texas

Our client (and now friend) is a passionate music lover and art lover who embraces the beauty of technology.  She and her husband were looking for a new set of speakers for their family room, and auditioned our Sonus Faber speakers.  She selected free-standing speakers from the Venere lineup.  The Sonus Faber Venere is offered in a very contemporary black gloss finish, and she chose this option.  Here is a delightful twist: she and her husband live in a beautifully appointed low-rise condominium, where they surround themselves with beautiful one-of-a-kind art, in a traditional setting.  The blending of traditional furnishings and high-tech, contemporary speakers proved to be a great aesthetic.  The system looks and sounds fantastic, and our client is ecstatic.

We also introduced the couple to the REL sub-bass system and demonstrated the augmentation of bass that only REL can provide, due to its unique design and connectivity.  The REL proved to mate beautifully with the Veneres, both sonically and aesthetically.

The Sonus Faber Veneres are beautiful with the grilles removed.

The Sonus Faber Veneres are at home in both traditional and contemporary settings.

The REL sub-woofer mates well with the Sonus Faber Veneres, both sonically and aesthetically.