This home theater is truly a gem!  And the UltraMedia team enjoyed creating it every bit as much as the homeowners enjoy using it now.

Our client wasn’t new to home theaters.  In fact, this theater was six years old, and we had done several upgrades to it over the years. Giving in to his extreme passion for the cinematic experience, our client approached us to gut his theater and start from scratch. Moving forward, he wanted to use the highest quality products the audio-video industry had to offer. And this theater features some of the finest equipment available.

CinemaTech seating 1

For amazing audio reproduction, we installed Sonus Faber left-center-right speakers, REL sub bass systems, Totem surrounds, and Bel Canto monoblock amplification. To ensure that the sound reaches ears exactly as intended, we specified Cinematech acoustical treatment. This was also the perfect application for Audioquest cabling. Using the skills we learned at Sumiko, we meticulously set the soundstage—a process that took two 3-hour visits to reach perfection.

For video, we chose an ultra-high performance 1080p Wolf projector that rivals most 4k projectors on the market, and a Wolf video processor.

Special attention was given to the high-voltage system in an effort to reduce the noise floor. We had the Romex electrical lines removed, and replaced with direct-to-panel jacketed electrical lines with 4 x 20 amp circuits, protected with SurgeX, and terminated with Furutech electrical outlets from Japan. Between this and the equipment, we used IsoTec power conditioning.

Our client’s request was for us to produce a beautiful room with incredible sound in his Carrollton, Texas home theater. The décor and acoustics were carefully selected, and meticulously crafted with the help of Cinematech.  The super-comfortable Cinematech chairs allow for hours of viewing comfort.  We call it a success.  You can see the beautiful result here—we have a similar system we can demonstrate for you any time!