UltraMedia offers many home technology services. Everything from home theater design, to lighting control, and audio / video calibration.

The list below isn’t all inclusive — please call if you have any questions about our capabilities.

Acoustical Engineering makes the most of your room’s potential for great sound. By installing acoustical panels to strategically reflect, absorb and diffuse sound, you take full advantage of your audio system’s capabilities. A few well-placed panels make a world of difference in the sound quality of your home theater or any other room in your home. UltraMedia can optimize your existing rooms, or work with your builder to design an acoustically engineered room during construction. What is Acoustical Engineering?

Audio Calibration is the important final step in perfecting the sound quality of the audio in your home theater or other listening area. UltraMedia is trained in the Sumiko Master and Star processes (physical set-ups) using geometry and a trained ear. By using Sencore’s high-end instrumentation, we can sweep rooms to pinpoint drop-outs and high spots. UltraMedia is certified to conduct Audyssey professional calibrations, using three types of microphone/software set-up kits. What is Audio Calibration?

Cabinet Design allows homeowners to take advantage of custom-designed cabinetry. Cabinets are often used to house media components, and building the right-sized cabinet is essential to the success of an installation. Since we know what components you will be using, we will have the dimensions your cabinet maker needs to create serviceable, functional storage for your home entertainment gear. Of particular importance: ventilation. We will work to ensure that you have a cabinet you can grow with, safely housing your electronics investment.

Consulting will help clients who are in the “discovery phase” of designing a home theater or home entertainment system, and others who need a “second opinion.” Although our clients typically utilize our full range of services, UltraMedia is available to consult. We will assess other bids, prewires, installations, or spend time with you in the planning of your project. We will spend as much time as you need to feel good about the direction you are going with your home entertainment system design.

Home Automation provides many conveniences such as: preprogrammed thermostat control, window shade movement, and timed lighting, to name only a few. Automation simplifies your living experience by customizing home technology to fit your lifestyle. UltraMedia provides a simple user interface that will allow you to use your home entertainment system with ease.

Home Theater / Home Cinema Design & Installation will help, as most new homes, rebuilds, and renovations include a home theater in the floor plan. A home theater may be dedicated, with row seating, or may be designed for multi-use. UltraMedia will design and install a home theater or home cinema to fit the needs of your family. A passion for movies? Gaming? Concerts? Karaoke? Sporting events? Our staff is not only trained, but certified in the many different aspects of home theater installation. We are constantly searching for products that offer the most advantageous combination of value and performance.

Lighting Control will is a priority in home design. Make lighting not only beautiful, but simple, by designing “scenes” or moods, controlled by a user-friendly lighting control system. No need to trek around turning off lights before bed---just roll over and press “goodnight” on your bedside touchscreen to set a “nighttime” mode throughout your home. Ease of control is key. Setting lighting levels can be done with a single touch. Minimize the number of switches on your wall. Activate your lighting from your computer or phone. And consider the “green” advantage: dimming and automated lighting conserve bulb life and electricity.

Multi-Room Audio Design & Installation allows you to listen to a variety of audio inputs (Sirius/XM, Radio, CDs, iPod, etc.) throughout different rooms in your home. With audio distribution you can listen to a single source in different rooms, different sources in different rooms, or even share multiple sources across multiple rooms (or outdoors). You can control volume levels independently in each location. This allows you the greatest flexibility, and the advantage of being able to access your favorite music or stations from any room in your home.

Multi-Room Video Design & Installation allows various video sources such as Blu-ray, satellite, cable, antenna, and DVD to be accessed and distributed to televisions throughout your home. UltraMedia takes great care to design systems that are custom-tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Pre-Wiring is a very important step in a home technology or theater installation occurs when new homes are under construction. Prewiring occurs when the frame is up, and the system design is complete. By wiring a home before sheetrock, homeowners spend pennies on the dollar on labor, as access to just about any point in the home is easy. UltraMedia designs systems that are future-proof, ensuring enough wire to accommodate the growing needs of your family.

Project Management is key to a great home entertainment installation. There are many aspects of an installation like ours. It is imperative that your home technology provider understand and work well with other contractors, and systems being installed in your home. UltraMedia will be glad to put our expertise to use and manage your home entertainment project.

Shade Motorization is important, as many homes take full advantage of beautiful views and sunlight with windows as large as two stories high. Shades are perfect for large windows, and shade motorization is a must-have for a home with window shades. With the touch of a button, shades can be raised or lowered, individually or all at once. We can help you “green” your home with preprogrammed movement to control temperature and light.

Structured Wiring is the most efficient way to distribute low-voltage information throughout a home, using hub-and-spoke topology. Information from your audio and video sources is sent to a low-voltage panel, where the information is redistributed throughout your home. This technology allows for easy multi-room audio and video distribution, and distribution of phone and computer data. UltraMedia will consider the size and demands of your home technology system when designing your structured wiring backbone.

System Design & Integration for home systems such as entertainment, lighting, automation, phones, and computers are designed individually, and carefully integrated. Systems integration brings together these subsystems into one system, ensuring that the subsystems function as one. UltraMedia will bring various system interfaces under one control, making your various systems easy and fun to use.

Telephone System Design & Installation is important, since many households have many phones throughout their homes, each utilizing multiple lines. UltraMedia is certified to install and program a phone system that will be invaluable in managing your home’s telecommunications.

Video Calibration brings display devices up to the high standards set by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF). This work cannot be done with your hand-held remote, as is often thought. We use $10,000 worth of test equipment (which the manufacturer calibrates for us annually) and a laptop to adjust your television or monitor to the ISF standard. We will provide you with full documentation of our work, including the condition of the set prior to calibration, the settings after calibration, and any issues we find that may require the attention of a service technician. What is Video Calibration?