Client Feedback

We appreciate the feedback we get from our clients. Here are some comments we'd like to share.

Our experts work with you to understand what pleases you and what best fits your home or small business.  We listen to you.  Carefully.  We can show you simple solutions to what you may see as complicated problems, and we are ready to take on projects of any difficulty level.

"Ever since Day One, I've been impressed and pleased with you-all's service.  You're not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for, and when you guys do it, you do it right."
B.B., Frisco

"I appreciate your coming by.  As usual, everything is perfect when you leave."
T.M., Dallas

"Regarding the work UltraMedia did four years ago on the audio/visual issues at the church—we were having trouble until your crew came and took care of things.  It has functioned flawlessly ever since."
T.S., Gainesville

"As usual, your guys were great.  They went above and beyond, and I'm very satisfied."
G.P., Dallas

"I want to give my recognition to Matt Wassmer, Systems Integration Technician.  His level of professionalism, compassion, and commitment to customer satisfaction is refreshing in any support and service industry.  His demeanor and style set you apart from other companies in your field—believe me, I have seen the worst-case scenario! He represents UltraMedia with pride, and his word is “golden” on follow-up—another game changer!!!  Glad to be a reference anytime.  Thanks Pat . . . and thanks for your professionalism!"
D.M., Dallas

“Your courtesy and professionalism are a fine example of everything that is right with your company and the industry.”  
D.C., Frisco

"I’m thrilled with my system!  No more ugly wires underfoot in my office or draped throughout the house to satisfy by sons’ insatiable appetite for bandwidth;  WiFi access throughout the house – not just in my office or immediately outside of it; No overloaded speakers – and excellent sound from all.  And, room in the gain, if I ever need it.  Doorbell works!  Cell phone access throughout the house – no more dropped calls if I turn my head to the left.  Front door camera working – intercom system working, too!  Great viewing experience of the TV – with excellent sound.  Apple TV – like that a lot – thanks especially for that recommendation.  Universal remote – makes it easy.  Love the Sonos!  In short, I’m really happy to have met you, and grateful for your expert advice, and pleasant experience with your friendly and helpful team!"
B.J., Dallas

“You really do have a remarkable team. There aren’t many people I’d leave a key in my mailbox for—but your guys? No problem.”
T.R., Dallas

“My wife and I thought it awesome the way you jumped up here on a moment’s notice—outside the band’s awesome performance, you were clearly the hero of the night!” (Client needed emergency service before a party).
D.S., Frisco

“We are almost sorry [the job] is done. Happy and delighted, of course, but your crew became very welcome visitors to our home and we will miss their visits.”
A.M., Dallas

“ I was just telling the girls last night after having the TV on in the bathroom, that it doesn't look nearly as good as the calibrated one!! I didn't even know this type of service existed. It was my daughter who wanted this [calibration] done and she found you and sent me the link that brought us to you. I would NOT have a problem recommending Ultra Media to anyone interested in calibration. And who knows, we may be back at some point in the future to have the remaining 10 or so TVs calibrated.”
C. B., Dallas

“Your crew was very professional, courteous, A+. Pat Murray went above and beyond. They were neat—which means a lot, because I don’t like clutter or a mess, and was very impressed with their cleanliness. They even vacuumed! If I ever come across anyone who needs your service, I’ll recommend you.”
S.H., Wylie

“Your crew has come and gone. They were prompt, courteous, neat, efficient. I am so pleased!!!  I thank you, thank you, thank you!  I am so grateful. I can see the full view of my patio now, and the TV looks very nice in its new place. I know you all are incredibly busy---and I feel lucky to have been put on your schedule.”
R.C., Plano

“UltraMedia has delighted us again! Pat M. and Brent worked their magic in perfecting our TV and audio system. We are so happy with the results of their hard work and expertise! What a joy it must be to work with such fine gentlemen! We really appreciate all you have done for us and we will continue to refer our friends to UltraMedia!”
P.S., Dallas

“We want to thank you for the very professional installation of our TVs and audio equipment. Brent and Pat did such an awesome job! They were so hard-working and quality-minded! Our friends and family are really enjoying our uber-cool system! UltraMedia rocks!! Thanks again, guys, for a superb job and going above and beyond.”
C.S., Dallas

“Thanks so much for a job well done. I am enjoying my new TV—and its placement on the sideboard. I pray that God continues to bless your business.”
R.W., Plano

“Your guys were out this week, and I just wanted you to know how much we appreciated their work. Brent and Pat are both great. They really do care. They’re diligent, and easy and fun to work with. My wife appreciates the fact that they do CLEAN work! Thank you!”
E.K., Richardson

"Just wanted to tell you guys that the TVs look great.  My folks are really happy with the outcome and I wanted to say thanks for such a great job.  They said everyone did a wonderful job, and were very polite."
R.H., Dallas

“Thank you so much!!! The patio TV is perfect. I am having a cover made for it, and when he came to measure he said this was the best “install” he had seen. Please pass that on to Pat and Brent. They did a great job!!!”
L.R., Westworth Village

“Great working with your guys. Polite, clean cut, and very professional. Over the years, we’ve worked with many subs, and have been disappointed many times. But with your techs, the job was fun, and very well done. Thanks for the details we didn’t know we were getting. The techs were proud to show us the wiring behind the equipment cabinet. They took what was a rat’s nest from our previous AV company, and simplified it into a neat, professional installation. We couldn’t believe the difference.”
M.B., Dallas

“I’m glad I found you guys—I’m finally blown away by my system! Great job.”
Dr. C.V., Lewisville

"I built my house from scratch, and you're [Pat J.] the most professional person I've dealt with so far."
B.P., Southlake

“Another AV company installed my theater, and I was disappointed it wasn’t what I expected. I kept having problems, and it was difficult for my family to operate. After your work, which included some small equipment changes and reprogramming, it’s working perfectly! It no longer “breaks,” and all of us can successfully operate the awesome universal remote. Now our theater is fun, reliable, and no longer an expensive sore spot. Thank you, UltraMedia!” 
E.K., Richardson

“You were highly recommended for our relocation from Connecticut. We are so grateful for your quick response, accurate assessment, and seamless installation of the system we moved here. What a great team! Pat and Brent were very friendly, professional, and hard working. We’ll definitely keep your name for future reference.”
M.L., Dallas

“Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your tech’s work. We’ve had two other AV companies out, and they charged us but didn’t fix anything. Your tech was here just one hour and everything’s working and we didn’t have to replace any parts! We’re getting ready to build a new home, and you will definitely be our AV company.” 
D.H., Dallas

“Today I got the pleasant surprise of finding the credit to my account for UltraMedia’s recent help to us. The battery on the RTI having failed so soon after replacement led me to wonder if we might be due a bit of a credit, but in no measure did I expect such generous consideration. Thank you. I should say, also, that all of your techs seem to have the right stuff.”
T.M., Dallas

“Y’all have the nicest people working for you. Very helpful. Pat showed me everything. Y’all were great. You exceeded my expectations.”
T.B., Garland

"Thanks for your renovations to our sound system. Your guys were very professional, cleaned up well after themselves, and did a great job programming the remote. This really completed our system."
S.P., Dallas

“I am one of Pat’s recent customers. I am going to have to coin a word, 'techawesome,' for what he did for me. I told him what I wanted and he and his techs got it done. I am happy and appreciative that I had their experience. I can watch HDTV on my new big screen and I can watch the same thing on my new TV/PC. I can also put what’s on my PC screen on my big screen and this all can be seen on another TV on the other side of the house without additional charges from my satellite provider. This is way too much fun and so simple for me. I enjoyed hearing Pat on your [internet radio] show. He is a very nice and intelligent man. Glad you got to meet him and introduce him to your audience."
M.W., Carrollton

“Add a Louisiana customer to those who are happy with the work you do.”
Dr. J.W., Hammond, LA

“You made my theater so much fun; I’ll never use anyone else. By the way, can you give me a bid on completely redoing my downstairs system, to include gaming?”
M.R., Plano

“Pat, First, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you! I realize that you are the President of UltraMedia. You have been extraordinarily generous with your time in responding to my questions. I sincerely appreciate your consideration, patience & technical expertise. My biggest take-away was the innate wisdom of your words in the following statement: “The way to maximize their performance is in the approach. We have come along way from ‘which black-box do I buy’ and now the system design and technical setup are where most 2nd and 3rd theater owners are going. You get the most for your dollars this way.” Your comments & UltraMedia’s website have convinced me that an integrated system—designed & installed by “architects of technology” offers the Best Bang for my Buck! Thank you very much, Pat!”
D.M., Lucas

“Thanks for the good service. My husband said that everything went very well. I like your employee Pat Murray a lot. He comes across very knowledgeable and polite.”
L.O., Dallas

““Pat, the Amatis look beautiful and sound absolutely lovely… even before being broken in. The guys did an extremely careful job unpacking and setting them up. Sweet! This must be what it feels like to own an Old Master Painting and display it in your home. Thanks again, Pat, for bringing me to this audiophile Nirvana.”
E.K., Carrollton

“Thank you for your prompt repairs and service. Can't say enough about your courteous service technicians! I’m so pleased with the service.  They are polite, courteous, and helpful. Can’t give them enough praise. Thanks again for always being so prompt and helpful when I need you.”
J.D., Rockwall

“We think the world of you guys. You installed our system over 4 years ago, and we've never had a single glitch. Not one. That says a lot.”
F.A., Frisco

“This is just a note to thank you for the wonderful service your company has given us over the past five years. Each add-on that you have done has been just right. All it took was a phone call. When I am watching a movie, I think I am at the theater. Wow! I get great effects. Only top-of-the-line equipment was used and hooked up correctly to create the desired result. Any time you need a reference for a job well done, don't hesitate to give my number to any potential client.”
M.T., McKinney

“Pat, thanks for all your and your team’s great work. We’ll enjoy the best in HDTV for many years, thanks to your great planning and installation genius. From completely rewiring our house for the digital age, to helping me figure out how to set up a home recording studio, you are always there with such a positive attitude, making the complex task much simpler for those of us who are not blessed with your skills. If you ever have potential customers who want to talk to someone who is a customer of yours, have them call me. You are the greatest.” 
L.B., McKinney

“Pat [Murray, technician] is one of the best I have worked with. He is top notch!”
S.Z., Arlington

“I will recommend you because you do good work and you are very professional.”
Dr. A.K., Dallas

“The system is very impressive, and we appreciate all the hard work that went into building its capabilities.”
B.C., Frisco

“Thanks for everything. The system is working great. I’ve never been so spoiled in my business life.”
R.C., Plano (installed a sound system in his office)

“Great skill, great products, great services, and an accommodating staff. Easy to work with.”
B.H., Plano

“I am extremely impressed. I was very grateful that your installers dedicated as much time and attention to my relatively small job, that they most likely give their larger projects.”
U.C., Frisco

“Exceeded all expectations—above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you!”
Dr. K.S., Dallas

“On a scale of 1-10, your installers are off the scale.”
B.B., Manager, Embassy Suites Dallas

“I want to thank you for spending three hours calibrating the ISF video on my 56" HD Samsung DLP television last week. I recently subscribed to Direct TV HD programming and the color and clarity on the program is unbelievable. The colors are vibrant, rich and true. I would not hesitate to refer your service and recommend it to anyone having a DLP/Plasma television.”
R.F., Plano

“Your guys have done a great job. I’ve been through 3 remotes in the last year with no luck, but you’ve provided a solution that works. From now on I will use only UltraMedia.”
Dr. F.S., Dallas

“Anyone who buys a plasma without having it ISF certified wasted their money. Your engineer’s work made that much difference.”
T.R., Mesquite

“Your crew did a great job and were very professional, and you should feel good having them work for your company.”
K.G., Southlake

“Thanks again for your wonderful work! I love it!! I actually enjoy watching some cable TV now, without cringing, as I did before you installed the high-end amplifier.”
V.K., Dallas

“Thanks again for the great work. Don’t hesitate to use me as a referral.”
L.J., Plano

“Thank you and your guys for all your hard work. I believe you went well above and beyond the call of duty. You guys do outstanding work.”
B.H., Plano

“We love our home theater and sound system. You were professional from the start; I got top quality for a very fair price. I couldn’t be happier with your service.”
M.T., Richardson

“We found all aspects of your service to be highly proficient with great attention paid to details. The technicians have all been very helpful . . . UltraMedia has the nicest, most qualified engineers.”
L.P., Dallas

“Thanks for all the great work you’ve done for us. You have done so much to help us enjoy our time at home. No one could possibly achieve a higher degree of customer satisfaction than UltraMedia.”
L.B., McKinney

“Your guys gave me a more professional, state-of-the-art, user-friendly installation than I have ever had. I could not be any happier with the quality of service that I received. I feel that your employees, their work, your fees, etc., are all exemplary.”
R.R., Dallas