DIY: Paint Metal Speaker Grills

For years, DIYers and contractors have sought our opinion about the best way to paint metal speaker grills used on in-wall speakers.

Faux-finished walls have been popular for so many years, and it was easy to replicate the mottled finish of the wall on speaker grills.  Our process: thin the paint 4:1 paint and water.  Brush onto the speaker grill, and using canned air, force air through the grill holes to clear them of paint. 

Recently, we were challenged to find a new way to apply paint to grills that would result in a smooth finish.  We found one at Sherwin-Williams.  It’s called PreVal Spray Gun.

The unit is no bigger than a can of canned air, with a 16 oz. glass paint reservoir attached to the bottom.  It has a thinning guide, and can be sued with auto paint, lacquers, acrylics, primers, and varnishes.

It delivers a very light paint mist to the speaker grill.  It may take several thin coats, depending on the original color of the speaker grill, and the paint color being applied.  Our applications filled only a handful of the holes in the grills, and we easily removed the paint with a sewing needle.