Why Bargain TVs Aren’t a Good Investment

High-quality TVs are typically good investments in technology, and you can count on getting many good years out of them.  But more recently, the market has been flooded with “bargain TVs,” and these need to be carefully considered before you buy on price alone.

  • Durability – Good displays have about a 4% or lower failure rate.  Bargain brands have failure rates as high as 20%.
  • Integration – Good brands offer lots of inputs and control options like VGA and RS-232.  “Deals” offer far fewer of these options.  And these options are key in allowing you to get the most for your money.
  • Viewing – Better brands use better (more expensive) video processors, high-contrast glass, and other quality components that provide the best picture.  Bargain brands typically utilize the cheapest components possible.
  • Reliability – High-quality TVs can be repaired by just about any qualified service outlet.  Bargain displays usually have no service centers.  So, many are “disposable,” and must be trashed when they break.
  • Technology – Higher quality = more R&D.  Lower-end brands may be a year or more behind the technology curve.