SonicPrints by Auralex

We're wrapping up a job in Frisco—for the size of the lot, it’s a modest home at about 6,000 square feet.  A beautiful Texas contemporary, it houses a wonderful theater.  This theater was our largest Auralex job yet.  (It also sports a Wolf Projector.)

Auralex manufactures and installs acoustical panels: sound treatments.  I must say that we thoroughly enjoyed working with the folks at Auralex.  They flew a manager and two installers in for the week-long installation.  They were at the same time professional, but very relaxed and easy to work with.  It was clear they love their work as much as we love ours.

In addition to traditional custom-designed acoustic panels, they offer a line called SonicPrint.  A SonicPrint looks like art on a canvas, but has the added benefit of sound control.  Just like their custom counterparts, they help control excessive reverberation and echo that are caused by hard surfaces like drywall, concrete or wood.  Strategically placing SonicPrint panels in any room in the house will absorb unwanted sound energy so you can hear your music and movies as they were intended to be heard.

Auralex offers SonicPrints with licensed art, or you may upload your own personal images.  See more at