Three Reasons Why Simple Changes Make Sense when Making Over Your Bed and Bath

Contributed by Suzie Wilson of

Photo by UltraMedia, Inc.

Photo by UltraMedia, Inc.

Does your bedroom or bathroom need refreshing? Sometimes, a full makeover isn’t really needed to give your living spaces a bright new look. In fact, you can get the most bang for your redecorating buck with smaller changes, such as updating your bedding or adding some tech. Want to learn more about how to rework your bed and bath with very little work at all? Then you should read through these simple decorating tips.

When it Comes to Your Bedroom, Quality Sleep is Priority #1

This is a perfect time to create a sleep haven in your room, with cozy bedding, soothing scents, and even tech that can help you get more of the quality rest you need to thrive. It may sound silly to use tech for sleep, but by adding controllable blackout shades, dimmable lighting fixtures, and other smart solutions, you can create a bedroom you cannot wait to come home to at night. UltraMedia can bring this tech to your bedroom or any other space in your home, and we can custom-tailor tech solutions to improve your life.

Tech can certainly make sleep and relaxation easier. If you have a television in your room, try to avoid drifting off with it turned on at night. Sleeping with the television turned on — even with the volume lowered — can create sleep cycle disruptions that will leave you feeling groggy in the morning. So, use those smart controls to switch the TV off before bedtime.

Style Updates Can Be as Simple as Changing Your Color Palette

If you want to make simple updates to your rooms, chances are you don’t want to update the paint. You can still add some splashes of fresh color, however, by changing out the color of your textiles and decor. For a calming, traditional look, think about going with softer shades of color throughout each space. Bathrooms decorated in comforting, natural colors such as aqua and brown tend to take on a spa feel that can make getting ready more relaxing. Those colors can work in your bedroom as well, or you can add some uncommon interest by mixing in a few boldly hued accessories and fabrics. Orange pillows combined with blue bedding can really make your bedroom pop, while you can add a rainbow of color to a white room to give it a refreshed look. Whatever colors you choose for your decor updates, be sure they serve to create a flow of color and design throughout your home for a more polished look. Bolder colors tend to look better as accents and decor, so keep this in mind for decorative cohesion.

Small Changes Give You Maximum Impact with a Minimum Price Tag

Spending money on tech and installations makes sense, but splurging on decor may not be your best bet when it comes to updating the look of your bed and bath. You can easily find decor for walls, tables, and more by shopping with big-name retailers like Target, TJ Maxx, and even Amazon, and then you can put the savings toward smart features that will help you relax at home. Another way to save on those simple room updates is to check out thrift stores for items you can upcycle into one-of-a-kind decor. You can make creative toothbrush holders out of thrifted toys, or you can add some stacked books to give your bedroom a warm feel. In addition to using the savings for tech, you can also dedicate more of your budget to adding soft bedding and towels that are well worth the investment. By investing in bedding that is more luxurious and comfortable, you can improve your sleep, which makes any extra expenses well worth it.

Making over your bed and bath doesn’t have to be a monumental task. With small, simple touches, you can give these rooms the fresh look you crave. You can even reduce stress and improve sleep. Plus, you can save yourself some time, expense, and effort in the process.