CEDIA Expo 2018

What Was Hot at THE SHOW This Year

Quick, what’s the one constant in lifestyles today that didn’t exist 2 decades ago? Reality TV? Drive through coffee? Smart phones? Well, the last one for sure, but what about WiFi and The Internet ? It’s ubiquitous and we like it that way. Heck you could go so far as to say we need it that way. How else could we stay caught up on all the cool stuff at the CEDIA Expo? It wrapped up a few weeks ago in San Diego.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. It’s the start of football season, the U.S. Open final rounds, and that technology mosh pit that gives us a glimpse of what our technological future holds. Yep, the CEDIA Expo: 500 neon adorned booths chock full of stuff that will become commonplace, and even passé at some point.

Remember when you actually had to touch something to turn on your lights? Lifting a finger….. yawn.. These days, illumination just happens. Kind of like the way your groceries magically appear on your doorstep when you’re out of smoked gouda and capers. That’s the kind of stuff that made its debut at the CEDIA Expo… Ok, so not the cheese part.

So, What Was There and Trending This Year?


Laser projectors are finally gaining steam. They’ve several advantages over traditional lamp driven units. Sublime image quality? Check! Cool running? Indeed! Light sources that last 20,000 hours and up? Now you’re talking! No more frantic calls for a $500 lamp replacements just as your guests arrive for the Super Bowl. Several manufacturers showed off their laser wares, and the future is indeed looking bright!

More Comfortable Video

This next item may or may not develop into a full-fledged trend, but it’s sure to soothe sore necks everywhere, thanks to a trend that has yet to dissipate. That trend is putting TVs over the fireplace. Yes, we’ve thankfully been blessed with a crop of svelte, new fireplaces that leave one’s video at a more comfortable viewing height, but what if your fire is taller?

Fortunately, there are now TV mounts made just for you! The TV sits above the fireplace, just as would a painting back in the 20th century. Should you want to watch the TV sans neck crane, you simply press a button and your TV comes out from the wall to clear the mantle, then lowers your TV to a more neck friendly height. Presto!


That’s the sigh of relief you make when you never again have to leave bed to answer the nagging question “Did I lock the door?” Automated door locks end that uncertainty and more. Need temporary access for service people, cleaners, or dog walkers but can’t be around? Automated door locks are your easy answer. You can unlock a door from your phone, give people a special code you can easily change if needed.

The automation part is even more magical. For example: when arming your security alarm, your doors automatically lock too. We can even set them up to automatically turn on lights inside your home when you unlock the door. No more walking into a dark home!

I See You

As more of our daily lives arrive via delivery chances are great that someone you’ve never seen will be at your door soon. Is it the FedEX driver, or someone taking a look at growing their business… when you’re not around, of course! It a great reason video and intelligent door stations and intercoms were more popular than ever at the show this year.

Answering the door from anywhere and saying you can’t come to the door provides another protection layer and a deterrent to ner-do-wells. They can’t tell if you’re home or not, and you’ve got their face on video. We can even integrate some of these into your existing security camera system.

Most importantly, remember that UltraMedia is one of the few technology companies in Dallas with the Texas Security License. This certification is difficult to maintain—expensive, with continual education and audits.