UltraMedia is Growing!

Chris Jones, Systems Designer, has been in the audio/video industry since 1992.  (How are we so lucky to end up with all these seasoned vets?)  For a very long time, Chris worked in “distribution,” selling lots of different audio-video products to lots of different audio-video companies.  In 2017, we lured him over to the custom installation side.  He’s a perfect fit for UltraMedia, with his extensive knowledge of audio-video gear, and outgoing and friendly demeanor that clients love.  Like all of us, he finds the ever-changing nature of technology a challenge, and has way too much “special training” to list, having been in the industry for so long.  He loves it all—his biggest thrill matching the right technology to his clients’ needs.  His two favorite industry mags are CE Pro, and Residential Systems.  In his time off, family and fishing come first. 

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