Can a Home Theater Add Value When It Comes Time to Sell?

It's time to consider updating the entertainment quality in your home. You're thinking about investing in a home theater, but you're not sure if you should make the move.  There are plenty of benefits to upgrading to a comprehensive, custom home theater, of course.  You'll love the sound quality, and your friends won't want to watch movies anywhere else. But, how will it impact your home's value?

Consider Your Ideal Home Theater Space

Perhaps you would like to convert an extra bedroom, or even the family room into a space where you can watch movies, listen to music, and just enjoy your family or friends. Home theater rooms, such as those with customized projectors, large screen TVs, and comfortable seating really can be an excellent investment in your own personal enjoyment. Imagine a Saturday night spent with a few good friends, lounging in a room with lighting control, perhaps automation, surround sound, and the perfect acoustics.  That may be desirable to you, but is adding a home theater to your Dallas home going to make it more desirable to others who may buy your home in the future?

Home theater Dallas technology

Today's Buyers Love Tech

One of the nicest benefits of upgrading your home's entertainment system and overall technology is that it can boost your home's value. In the Dallas home market, where there is a lot of competition, having added features like this can help your property stand out among others like it – especially in the luxury market. In some cases, this advanced type of technology can boost your home's value by around 72 percent of the amount you invest in the system, depending on what you select.

And value doesn't just come in the final sales price of a home. Every day a home sits on the market costs a seller money, meaning it is paramount for sellers to find ways to stand out from their competition. Dallas home buyers appreciate high-quality technology and upgrades that improve their life quality. This includes features such as:

  • Custom theaters designed to the home's specs
  • Lighting control
  • Outdoor entertainment areas – in case you don't have that room you were hoping
  • to remodel
  • Security cameras
  • Control systems including wireless or in-wall systems
  • Multi-room music systems
  • Automation that helps your home to do what you need it to do
  • Connected networks of entertainment features

If you haven't thought about the value this can bring to your home, do so now. This system is one that will last a lifetime. It enhances the home in various ways. For example, the theater system works very well as a getaway and entertainment feature that will give them a reason to have friends over.

Theater Systems Don't Limit Home Buyers

Another key reason to invest in a theater system for your home is that it's not limiting for buyers. Other types of upgrades you make (such as swimming pools) require the new home buyer to spend time and money repairing, updating, and maintaining. That's not the case here, since after setup, the system is ready for use without any upkeep other than perhaps a small amount of dusting, and the software updates that ever-advancing technology requires.

Make Your Home Your Own

At the end of the day, homeowners want to make upgrades that they enjoy while knowing they can help their home sell later on. Check out the options available to you at UltraMedia, Inc. They are the designers of interior technology that enhances the quality of life and may even offer a bit of a boost to your home's value.