Surround-Sound from Above—It's Really Raining!

There's a new surround-sound sheriff in town, and his name is Atmos.  From the same folks that brought you Dolby surround back in the day, Atmos lets filmmakers put sounds exactly where they'll do the most good—even in a particular place in your ceiling. The effect is stunning!  Blu Rays from Spiderman to Hunger Games, and Mad Max: Fury Road use Atmos; hundreds of films in all. It's really a revelation.

We'd be happy to check out your system and let you know what it would take for an Atmos upgrade.  Normally, we'll have to at least add a couple of speakers for you to get the effect.  If you revel in movies, that enjoyment will certainly get a nice boost.  You'll get pulled right into the movie.  It really can be that good! The “you are there” quotient goes up to 11.  We didn't believe it, until the first time we experienced it. WOW!