Don't Lose your WiFi in the Back Room Anymore!

Isn't it fun holding your tablet over your head at just the right angle to try and get WiFi in your back bedroom? Didn't think so.

We may be able to help.  Adding a wireless access point (just say “WAP”) in poor WiFi areas is just what the doctor ordered.  All we need is a single network cable, and chances are there's one close by.  If not, we may be able to get one there.

If you've been suffering from slow or non-existent WiFi in parts of your home or business, those days may be over.  Let us take a peek around (network techs call this a “site survey”) and we'll let you know how we can fix it.

Faster, Pussycat!

If your WiFi has been sitting there happily for 5 years or more, we can probably make it A LOT FASTER everywhere in your home.  Technology marches on, you know.  With all the multiple devices, streaming media, and large file downloads to mobile devices, this will be a difference you'll really feel.