A New Development We Bet You'll Love

Do It With the Lights on For a Change

Here's something our clients love. If you have a front-projection system, you probably know that complete darkness has delivered the best video performance—until now.  If you'd rather sit in a lit room and enjoy the game or concert with friends and family, technology has come to the rescue.  New, light-rejecting screens make it easy to enjoy a big picture—with the lights on, and window treatments open!

A Really Big Image—Where None Has Gone Before!

If you've wanted a really big image, but have a bright room, this new technology may be perfect for you.  Let us take a look, get some measurements, and determine if a light-rejecting screen is a fit for your large-but-bright space. 

If you already have screen, your church, office, or charity may be thrilled to get it. 

Here's a link to a recent installation: