Sony's 4K Ultra Short-Throw Projector

UltraMedia was invited to demonstrate new technology to the residents of the Ritz-Carlton residences in downtown Dallas.  This 4K short-throw projector from Sony will open the projector market to many.  It projects the image upward, and doesn't require a ceiling mount.  It can be placed on a surface (like a typical console) just underneath the projection screen.  It's a powerhouse.  The fact that it doesn't require a ceiling mount cuts down on installation time.  It's easy to reinstall, if you move or remodel.  We appreciated support from Sony, Screen Innovations, and DirecTV.  Just-like-being-there sound was provided by Sonus Faber speakers and a REL subwoofer.

Pat shows that the image from the Sony 4K Ultra Short-Throw Projector is projected from below the projection screen (screen by Screen Innovations).

Sony's VPL-GTZ1, the world’s first ultra-short-throw 4K laser light source projector.  Get more information here.

Can't leave out these awesome Sonus Faber speakers.  They are beautiful, and delivered awesome sound during the Texas-OU football game at the Ritz-Carlton Residences.

With a throw of just zero to seven inches from the screen to the edge of the unit, this will project a 66" to 147"  diagonal picture using floor, ceiling or rear projection.  See more information on Sony's website.

This projection screen had color-changing LED lights on the back, and we changed the light from red to orange, depending on which team was ahead.  The Ritz-Carlton residents had fun with the back-and-forth of the colors.  Thank-you to Screen Innovations for their awesome support!