UltraMedia on the Road

This is not educational—just fun.  For the second time in as many weeks, I’ve gotten a reaction from a fellow driver.  It’s the UltraMedia sign on the back window of my truck.  It’s not what you’re thinking . . . this wasn’t the middle-finger gesture! 

This was: driving south on Coit in the rain, a fully-loaded brand-new pick-up inches ahead of me to the right.  A guy rolls down his window turns around to look at me, smiles, points to my window and waves—in the rain!  Then he pulls off.  I regret to say that I didn’t recognize him.  That was last week.

Yesterday?  Same thing!  Different car, different driver.  (And it wasn’t raining.)  But the driver made sure I saw him when he waved, and then gave me a thumbs-up after pointing to the window. 

Are we becoming celebrities?  ;-}