Ultra-thin Flat Panel TV Solution

We sold our client a super-thin TV.  “Super-thin” is the reason they selected that TV!  They need a very low-profile solution.  But then what to do about TV-mounted speakers?  (If there is no in-room option.)  Most TV-mounted speakers are much thicker than the ultra-thin flat panels, and negate the aesthetic of the slim profile.  

Check out this solution!  It came out a year ago and is Rev3.  (We prefer the likelihood of better stability of later revs.)  The latest change is a new bracket that ‘thins up’ the installation even more. This speaker is only 1.5” deep. http://www.leonspeakers.com/hz212.html

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  How can you have any deep bass from a 1.5” speaker?  Well, you cannot.  So, add one of these solutions and you have full-range sound, and a happy client.  (The guys around here often call it the WAF, or Wife Acceptance Factor.)  Really, WAF is all about good taste!   http://www.leonspeakers.com/sub.html