The Beauty of Home Technology Today

Do you want to know the most beautiful thing about home technology today?   The guys at UltraMedia might say it’s the nearly paper-thin TVs we’re installing.  Or the super-hip-looking grills on our new Vienna on-wall speakers.

But, as I toured two 17,000+ square foot homes we’re doing final installations on in Dallas right now, I thought: what we do is becoming more and more invisible all the time.  I saw so many wonderful features in these homes—theater doors from a castle in France—custom cabinetry that took my breath away.  Designers readily design with technology in mind now.  Homeowners want a TV in their bathroom.  They want to access the internet while sitting beside their pool.  They want to display their photos on every TV in the house when entertaining.  And so much of this technology can be had, literally, invisibly. 

Drop-down projectors and screens.  A painting canvas that rolls up to reveal a TV.  In-wall speakers that are faux-finished to match the walls.  Speakers that are aimed to project sound from almost any unseen nook.

Amazing.  It’s fun to be on the cutting edge of all this new technology.  It changes every day.  Call us to get the latest updates!