Sony’s New Distribution Strategy

Sony offers a group of products they call their ES, or Elevated Standard, products.   The ES products consist of receivers, Blu-ray players, Sposato architectural speakers, VW series front projectors, and other Sony higher-end products.

In the past, Sony’s ES products could be purchased through not only custom electronics installation companies, but online through websites like Amazon and Crutchfield, or over the phone through telesales.   In a renewed effort to support the custom installation market, and the client too, Sony’s ES products will no longer be offered online or through telesales.

For the consumer, this means that Sony’s ES products can be purchased through only custom electronics installation companies (such as UltraMedia), who are authorized to sell Sony products.   This change benefits the end user because custom installation companies are well versed at helping their clients determine which products will best suit their needs. And, if the end user chooses to take advantage of custom installation, he or she can rest assured that the product(s) purchased will properly integrated into the rest of the entertainment system.

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