Replacing HDTV with 3DTV?

I couldn’t help but wonder . . . will our clients jump on the new 3D TVs?  And if they recently purchased an HDTV, will that dull their interest in 3D?  Or, if they are happy with their HD flat panels, will they be interested in this new 3D technology?

According to a recent survey in Britain, half of the 700 HDTV consumers surveyed indicated they are likely to upgrade to 3DTV soon.  In fact, people who jumped on HDTV early on are even more likely to get on the 3D bandwagon now.

Even those 6% who didn’t yet have HDTV said they would likely upgrade to 3DTV in the next year. 

It would seem that many people actually enjoy the changes in technology, and know that replacing equipment is part of the fun.  Please call us for any kind of video need: HD, flat panels, or 3D.