Modular Rack Systems

Because we are a custom AV company, we are not married to particular brands.  We are not committed by contract to promote particular products.  We sell what we believe in. 

We recommend a couple of different AV rack systems.  One is Sanus.  Sanus has recently added a professional rack system to their Foundations Component Series.  Their super-solid units are available in a variety of modular designs.  Their engineers have focused on security and ease of installation in this new release.  We can start with a basic rack, and add accessories as needed, keeping your rack design completely custom, and tailored to house your AV system components.  All racks include vented side panels (essential) for maximum airflow (add one of our fans, and heat will not be a problem).  These rack systems also come with pre-installed rear rack rails to help keep labor costs low. 

Get the picture: