Hunter Douglas

Met with the Hunter Douglas reps this week.  They decided to pull their shades down on resellers like Home Depot. 

The reason?  While the manually operated shades sold well, they were definitely entry level.  And the motorized shades they sold?  Well, Home Depot could them install them with no problem. 

But what about control?  The customer had no way to control their new shades when the installers left, because the installers didn’t know how to integrate the control of the motorized shades into the house system. 

Because it is Hunter Douglas’ policy to not leave a customer hanging due their own choice of unqualified reseller, it was getting more than problematic, trying to find one-off solutions for individual customers faced with the integration challenge.

The solution?  Target custom installation and control companies like UltraMedia to sell their shades.  We sell the shades, we install the shades, and we make sure they are programmed and properly integrated into the house system.

(This challenge is replicated across most do-it-yourself technology-driven installations.  Clients call because they bought a TV on sale at Best Buy, but they can’t get it to work.  Or the cheap mounting bracket broke after two weeks.)

Scoop on Hunter Douglas: endless shade color choices.  Basically, they can produce a shade in any Benjamin Moore paint color.  Like all shade companies right now, they are looking for motor solutions.  Low-voltage motors are easier to wire for and install, but the high-voltage motors are quieter.

We currently carry Lutron shades.  Hunter Douglas hopes that we’ll consider selling their shades.  A little more research before that decision is made.

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