Home Buyers Expect Home Technology

What are homebuyers looking for these days?  Intelligently designed, energy efficient, technology-based homes that are loaded with technology features—and they’re willing to pay extra to have them.

This is true in both the auto industry, and the home-building industry.  Once considered a luxury, these home technology features are now being requested by homebuyers of all income levels.  (Remember, a long time ago indoor plumbing was considered a luxury!  As were power windows in a car!)

Homebuyers are looking past the expected, and are seeking technology that will makes their lives easier, safer, and more enjoyable.  And they want to control all the home technology from their fingertips.  Many technologies have been around for a while, but they were separate systems, and controlled separately.  Now, the best home technology systems integrate entertainment, internet, music, lighting, security—the list goes on.  Again, this can be done from a single source such as in-wall touch screens, handheld remotes, or iPhones and iPads.

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