Elan g! Home Control System in the News

Elan g! was recently featured on NBC.  The story featured a Long Island family who enjoys the many benefits of a high-tech security system that‘s greatest asset is its ease of control.  The system they’re talking about is Elan g!, a system we install.  The family talks about how easy it is to use Elan g!, and how well it works on familiar interfaces like their iPhone or iPad. 

The homeowners appreciate being able to set or check their security system from anywhere using their iPhone or iPad.  And, when the man of the house is at work or out of town, he can easily check the home’s integrated camera system and see what his two-year-old is up to. 

They pointed out that the only places we once saw sophisticated control systems like this were in 20,000-square-foot homes.  Now, this level of sophistication has its place in any home—no matter the square footage.

Watch the segment: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Home_Security_With_Just_A_Touch_and_A_Swipe_New_York-121293219.html