DirecTV Trumped U-verse

We started seeing some clients switch to AT&T’s U-verse for the movie-sharing feature that U-verse offered.  First trump: not only can you now share recorded programming between receivers, it can be done in high definition.  U-verse is limited by its bandwidth—can’t handle unlimited HD.  Second trump: DirecTV is very control friendly; U-verse’s control poses problems at best.  U-verse’s units are designed to sit on top of a box TV.  When asked what they plan to do about the majority of TVs that are now hanging on walls . . . no answer.  Control from a universal remote is problematic—even moreso when using IR.

On the other hand, DirecTV’s Whole-Home DVR allows you to share recorded programs among all of your receivers.  You’ll have to get at least one new DVR receiver if you don’t already have one with an Internet connection on the back.  You can share among as many as 15 receivers.  DirecTV offers more information their website:

From the beginning: about a month ago, we loaded the beta software onto our showroom DVRs—the shared files appeared in italics.  Some remotely-viewed recordings were jittery, and the control signals to and from the remote receivers was frustratingly delayed.  This seems to be resolved with DirecTV’s revised software.

When we decided to commit to the $3 monthly fee, for $99 DirecTV replaced the dish’s LNB (the piece that catches the reflected signal off the dish), the multiswitch, and all the adapters on the DVRs/receivers.  That was a better deal than our own wholesale cost.

Requirement: you must have at least one HD-DVR, and the other sharing units can be HD receivers only.  At least one location must have Internet access, and one coax jack.  This eliminates the need for 2 coax jacks for the dual-tuner recording feature of the DVR.  So, TV locations with just one coax and no Internet?  No problem, as now the Internet comes across the coax and plugs into the DirecTV receiver after being split out by the new one-wire adapter.

It might be easier to explain over the phone.  Please call if I’ve left you confused!