Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013

CES is a technology geek's playground.

Interesting, but not ready for prime time (in our opinion), was the Displair (—a touchscreen that floats in the air.  A "screen" of microscopic drops of water are shot upward from a fairly large tabletop unit, and a projector can display onto this water-vapor screen.  Most intriguing is way that the projected image responds to touch.  At $10,000, this seems more like a prototype and needs work.

There was a lot of talk about moving PC gaming from your desktop to your living room.  What can be better than high-definition video on a life-size screen with life-like surround sound?  Agreed: nothing.

Of course, OLED and Ultra HD were probably the most talked about.  Not yet affordable for the masses, they're on their way.  (