“ Green” Home Technology: TV Calibration

There are many reasons to calibrate your video displays.  We have a whole array of good reasons cited on our own page, “Video Calibration.”  But calibrating LCD and plasma TVs improves energy efficiency up to 50 percent!  Again, the “dynamic” or “vivid,” from-factory mode is intended to get your attention in a brightly lit retail environment.  However, it’s not appropriate for a home environment, and apparently gobbles up your energy, unnecessarily.  (And gobbles up the life of your TV!)

Also, the years have ushered in some new Energy Star standards. 

The calibration process is said to offer even bigger energy savings.  It’s best to calibrate a video display once it reaches its final destination—your home.  That way, all of the influencing factors like ambient light and even room décor can be taken into consideration when optimizing the video display.  Please call us for a calibration quote!