UltraMedia Attended CEDIA EXPO 2010

CEDIA EXPO is the audio/video industry’s annual technology exposition.  This year, EXPO highlighted technological advances in TVs, Apple products, home health care, and old-fashioned turntables!

Many manufacturers demonstrated further evolution of the television.   TVs are getting thinner and thinner--one was so thin it folded!  Speakers are following suit—thinner, to match the TVs with which they will be paired.  Both TVs and speakers can be flush-mounted.  Televisions are becoming more multifunctional; mirrored, and available in every color imaginable. 

Several manufacturers sported technologies using the popular Apple interfaces.  Use your iPhone and iPad to control of nearly every home system: televisions, house music, broadcast photos, lighting, and energy management.

Featured in the spotlighted Technology Pavilion was home health care, which will become more and more important as baby boomers age.  Manufacturers of this technology asked us why interior designers aren’t jumping onto the “aging” bandwagon.  Monthly, there are new milestones in making getting older easier.  For instance, relatives can monitor an aged loved one’s vital statistics, movement from room to room, and whether medications are taken on time. 

Surprisingly, there has been a resurgence in the interest of vinyl records!  Audiophiles are deciding that nothing sounds better than old-fashioned LPs.  Interior designers should be prepared to design around the wide array of new turntable systems that are gaining popularity.

While there was not a revolutionary technology revealed, CEDIA exhibitors showed their commitment to fulfilling the ever-growing demands of the clients the AV industry serves.