Home Theater Décor at its Best: Theo Kalomirakis

TK Theaters may save you a lot of time—and money!  Not too long ago we worked on a project involving a Theo Kalomirakis theater.  Theo sells no components--when he sells a theater, he sells the décor—the theme, or the “feel.”  And this décor is over-the-top amazing.  We handle the technology, and Theo handles the look.  His work can begin with an outer lobby, and move to the theater itself.  He offers pre-designed themed theaters, or will create a custom design.  Just like us, Theo does not require a certain-size installation.  Just like us, what matters most is the experience.  Please visit his website at http://www.tktheaters.com.  If you decide that you are interested in one of his signature theaters, please let us know.  We would be happy to team with him to provide a total home entertainment experience for you.