Budgeting for Home Technology

We have the absolute delight of working for clients who have typically had much freedom in their home-building/renovating budgets.  Of course, there will always be those who are unaffected by the peaks and valleys of the economy, but we’re seeing budgets viewed and reviewed more carefully these days.

As always, we respect our clients’ limits.  Last year we developed a budget review process that works undeniably well.  Not only does it show our clients just about every type of home technology we provide, it offers a way to systematically arrive at how much a client wants to invest in each.

For instance, under the “custom lighting control” category, there are three price ranges: single room from $500 - $3500; 2,000 – 6,000 square foot home from $5,000 - $20,000; and 6,000+ square foot home from $15,000 - $300,000.  These are only ranges and starting points—a place for a conversation to begin about the special technology needs and desires of the homeowners.

Please call us if you’d like to run through a budget review in person!  We’ll be glad to help you get an idea of what your technology upgrade/update ideas might cost.