Acoustical Engineering

What is acoustical engineering?

Acoustics engineering makes the most of your room’s potential for listening pleasure. The goal is to reproduce the recordings made at the sound studio while enhancing the aesthetics of your home. The solution is strategic placement of acoustic panels in a room in order to prevent the room from interfering with your audio system. These panels come in endless styles and colors, and may be small in size, or may span an entire wall—size and texture determined by a “needs analysis” and your personal design goals.

Why are my room's acoustics so important?

The room is an integral part of the sound “system” — as important as any other element of your system. A properly treated room can have a profound affect on the way you hear music and movies in your home. Simply put, a treated room will allow you to enjoy the full potential of your audio equipment. Entertainment systems that are installed in treated rooms can generally be played louder than non-treated rooms, allowing you to fully enjoy your investment.

A treated room can:

  • Enhance the actors' dialog during loud scenes
  • Make the bass less boomy in some seats and more detailed in others
  • Reduce spill-over sound in and from adjacent rooms
  • Get more involved in the movie instead of being distracted with echoes and rattling
  • Eliminate listener fatigue

Acoustics Treatments aren't ONLY for Home Theaters

Ever try to carry on a conversation in a crowded kitchen during a party? Can you hear activity at the far end of the house while you're in the master bedroom? Just a few well-placed panels in a room or hallway can make a world of difference in the sound quality of a room. UltraMedia can optimize your existing rooms, or work with your builder to design a room from the ground up.

Artsy Acoustic Panels

Acoustical panels don't have to look commercial.  Check out these awesome SonicPrints by Auralex!