UltraMedia staff picks

Use the following movies and music to showcase your system.

Pat Johnson, President, likes the following:

• Open Range
• Flags of our Fathers
• Saving Private Ryan
• All Pixar animated movies (great for families)

    Pat uses these concert videos to demonstrate the system’s audio/video combined:
    • Santana’s Supernatural
    • HDNet’s Friday Night Concerts
    • Eagles’ Hell Freezes Over

      One of the things Valerie Johnson enjoys about flat-screens is their dual function as art displays. The TV is no black hole when Pat and Val entertain. For years they have displayed interesting photos during a party. Now, there are high-definition DVDs offering everything from magnificent pictures of space to reproductions of the Masters.

      Check these out for some crystal-clear, dynamic ways to enjoy your special interests, or show off your good taste!
      • Space Spectacular – 60 eye-popping photos from the NASA archives
      • Art of Leonardo Da Vinci – some classics, some pleasing surprises
      • The Art of Claude Monet – his landscapes shimmer on the screen
      • Exotic Saltwater Aquarium – all the beauty, and no maintenance
      • The Amazing World of National Geographic – from cityscapes to insects
      • 1,000 Places to See Before You Die – brilliant compositions and vivid hues